College-age Students Thirsty for Life-Giving Waters of Jesus

Greg Richards, director of College Missions, said he is amazingly appreciative to be able to direct this mission in our diocese, which involves 300 people, four campuses, prayer, worship, play, and followers of Jesus who invite their friends to join their joy. College Missions is currently in its third year of the Elisha Leadership Initiative,Continue reading “College-age Students Thirsty for Life-Giving Waters of Jesus”

“Strength” Bible Study

Bishop Gary Lillibridge invited Diocesan Council to engage in a second Bible study, focusing on the word “strength” as found in the verse representing the annual theme, “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). “Like ‘joy,’ the word ‘strength’ and its various derivatives, can be found throughout Scripture. According to my concordances,Continue reading ““Strength” Bible Study”

Artemisia Bowden and St. Philip’s College – Audio Reports

Dr. Adena Loston, the current president of St. Philip’s College, also addressed Council, reporting that St. Philip’s now enrolls 12,000-plus students yearly in a variety of degree programs, many in vocational areas. The school graduates the largest number of licensed vocational nurses of any college in the state. To hear the the introduction, click here:Continue reading “Artemisia Bowden and St. Philip’s College – Audio Reports”