The official 2019 Delegate Count is prepared by the Diocesan Secretary, The Rev David Read.  Along with this count (number of delegates authorized from each congregation based on average Sunday attendance) all clergy and wardens in charge of congregations will receive a “churchofficelist” email with attached letter of instruction from the Office of the Secretary plus the Certification of Election Form in October 2018.  The completed form certifies the individuals serving as elected delegates and alternate delegates from each congregation for Council 2019.

Certificates are due no later than February 1, 2019, and must be mailed to three locations.  One copy to the Bishop’s office, one copy to the Host Church Council Registration Chair and one to the Diocesan Secretary.

Click to open a Certification of Election Online form that can be completed on-line, printed, signed and returned through standard mail.

The full packet from The Rev. David Read is below.  Or click here for a PDF file of the Delegate Certification Packet 2019 when available.

Scribd.com is a website allowing free storage of documents.  Use their command buttons to Download the full packet and print.

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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