Exhibitors start your engines, but read the forms first.

On the Exhibits page of the Council-dwtx.org website you will find several important foms.  From Centerplate you can order boxed lunches.  From CEMS Convention + Expo you can add tables, chairs and other furnishings or set up material handling.  From AmericanBank Center you can order electricity and internet service.  Full information on your Exhibits page.

Exhibitor Forms and Information (PDF format):

Did you miss the Feb. 1 deadlines?

For a church to be seated at Council, 2012 Parochial Reports must be received in the office of the Diocese of West Texas by February 1, 2013.

On the Parochial Reports page at Council-dwtx.org you will find DWTX Instructions for completing all facets of  the Parochial Report and diocesan required forms.  The complete PDF package of forms was sent by mail on December 20, 2012 and is available on this page.  The  files originally created as Word documents or Excel files are available in original format allowing completion on a computer.  You will be able to view PDF files, but you should download the Word and Excel files.

Certificates are due no later than February 1, 2013, and must be mailed to three locations.  One copy to the Bishop’s office, one copy to the Host Church Council Registration Chair and one to the Diocesan Secretary.

Find complete details and addresses on the Certification page or click to open a Certification of Election Online form that can be completed on-line, printed, signed and returned through standard mail.

If you have filed the certificate, but names of those attending have changed please correct the Certificate by crossing out old names and adding new ones.  Sign the amended certificate and return three copies as above.

Student Art Exhibit Goes Diocesan-wide

art-show-exampleArt done by Episcopal school students will be on display both in Corpus Christi at the annual Diocesan Council in February and at the Cathedral House Gallery in the Bishop Jones Center in March.

Some 150 pieces of art from 12 schools will be part of the exhibit. Student artists come from grades one through 12.

The idea for the exhibit came from Patti Reed, wife of Suffragan Bishop David Reed, herself an artist and art teacher. “This is a great opportunity for our Episcopal school students to display their talents and for us to promote the value of an Episcopal school education,” said Patti Reed.

The exhibit debuts at the AmericanBank Center in Corpus Christi Continue reading Student Art Exhibit Goes Diocesan-wide

Have banner? Will travel (to PREcouncil.)

Highlighting the theatrical setting of Selena Auditorium, planners will be pre-hanging the banners from rigging above the stage providing a beautiful backdrop for our worship on Thursday evening of Council.  Please bring your congregation’s banner early to one of the PreCouncil meetings in January.  Diocesan staff will deliver them to Council.  No stands will be needed, just the banners labeled with contact info.  The banners will be returned Friday, Feb. 22, 2013.DWTX-Banner

  • Sunday 1/20/13 we ask churches in the Southern & Valley Convocations to bring their banners to PreCouncil.
  • Tuesday 1/22/13 we ask churches in the Eastern & Western Convocations to bring their banners to PreCouncil
  • Thursday 1/24/13 we ask churches in the Northern and Northeastern Convocations to bring their banners to PreCouncil.
  • Sunday 1/27/13 we ask churches in the Central Convocation to bring their banners to PreCouncil.

We got an App for that!

1.homescreen An “app”lication just for Council 2013 has been developed. Available for iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones, the app can be found in the Apple App Store or on Google Play by searching for “dwtx Council 2013.”

The Council 2013 app contains all the Council details you need to know, including up-to-date notifications of Council reports. The app features Pre-Council meeting locations with driving instructions; information and booth numbers of each exhibit at Council; a descriptive list of the activities during Council; and a venue map with the ability to get directions from place to place. Each user can (and is encouraged to) submit comments or questions about a specific detail of Council and submit Council photos for the website gallery. Links to view all the handouts are also available through this app on the Go Green tab.  The “More” tab also directs users to “Contact Us” for social network links to the diocesan Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus links to the websites dwtx.org and council-dwtx.org.  Or go retro!  Contact Us actually contains a “Call” button to dial the diocesan offices phone number.

At Council, registration packets will be slimmed down this year, containing only name tags and prayer cards. Paper copies of items such as maps and the exhibit iPad giveaway forms will be available in the information booth area manned by the men’s group of St. Bartholomew’s, Corpus Christi, aka The Bubbas.  Instead of opening the registration packet open the app to view contents online.  Go figure.  We’re going green.

Going Green(er) at Council

Tired of taking home Council handouts, but never looking at them again?  Prefer to have most of the information and handouts available to you digitally instead?  Would you like to download necessary information to your mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android phones.  This year you will have some choices.  But remember there will still be plenty of paper for those who prefer.  We are starting a process that will continue over several years.  Maybe, some day, we will have a paperless Council!

Go Green LeafDuring the registration process for Council, you have the option of choosing to “Go Green at Council” this year. By selecting this option, a fancy green leaf will be displayed on your name tag, indicating that you have chosen to receive all possible handouts electronically instead of on your tabletop on the Council floor.

Every handout that is delivered by the Pages throughout the days of Council will be available for viewing or downloading under the “Go Green” tab of the Council website at http://council-dwtx.org.  [Until Jan 28, 2013, the link to the “Go Green” page can be found under the Business section in the left hand navigation.]

2013 Diocesan Theme

DO-JUSTICE-LOGOLittle is known about the Old Testament Prophet Micah.  What we do know about him comes from the book itself.  Micah’s prophetic ministry is usually dated sometime between 750-686 BC.

Yet Micah’s words from God are known among many:  “And what does the Lord require of you?  To do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God” (6.8).

This passage will serve as our diocesan theme in 2013; and it provides the context for our 109th Diocesan Council which will be held in Corpus Christi in February. Continue reading 2013 Diocesan Theme

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