Prayer for the Election of a Bishop Coadjutor

Almighty God, we give thanks that you have called forth leaders throughout the generations who boldly proclaim your love. Call forth through us a bishop who proclaims Christ’s resurrection, and who faithfully interprets the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who will lead us – the church – into the world in His Name, encouraging the saints and nourishing us from the riches of your grace.

So guide the hearts and minds of those who will discern the person you are calling to be our Bishop Suffragan, so that we may receive a faithful pastor who will guard and govern the church, sustain the presbyters, care for your people, and equip us to serve the world in Christ’s Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Christian Formation

Chair of the Christian Formation Committee, Sarah Kates, who serves as the Director of Family Ministry for St. David’s, San Antonio, gave the annual report and said that the face of Christian Formation is changing. But she reminded Council and the diocesan family that the committee exists to serve as a resource.

You can hear her full report here:

TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas

Dr. John Cooper introduced the next Headmaster of TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas, the Rev. Scott Brown, who will begin his ministry at TMI in March. Cooper officially retires as Headmaster at the end of the school year. Brown shared his excitement for his upcoming role, which will return him to TMI after serving there as chaplain from 2004-2007. Cooper and Brown also updated Council on the activities and life at TMI.

Hear the full report here:


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