Go Green 2018

Go Green LeafEvery handout that is delivered by the Pages throughout the days of Council is available for viewing or downloading right here!


Distributions prior to PreCouncil

Pre-Council Packet

Background information
for Resolutions 2-2018 and 3-2018

Thursday, 2/22/18, PM Business Session
(links when available)

Friday, 2/23/18, AM Business Session
(links when available)

Friday, 2/23/18, PM Business Session
(links when available)

Saturday, 2/24/18, AM Business Session


  • View / read all Resolutions here.
    • Resolution 1-2018 on the Diocesan Budget
    • Resolution 2-2018 Examination of Local Option Line 1a and Line 1b
    • Resolution 3-2018 Initial Response to General Convention Resolution D013
    • Resolution 4-2018 on Stewardship
    • Resolution 5-2018 Admitting Grace Church, San Antonio, as a Parish
    • Resolution 6-2018 Submission of a Resolution to General Convention Regarding Inclusion of a Hymn in Honor of Dr. Artemisia Bowden

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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