A library of documents, handouts, and reports presented during Council 2020, for download and review. All handouts or other items to be circulated at Council must be approved ahead of time by Dispatch of Business, and submitted by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 13th.

Preparing for Council 2020

Church Office & Ministry Documents

Council Participant Documents

Council 2020 documents listed below will be added when available.

Thursday | February 20th


  • Thursday Agenda 2020
  • Church Seating Charts
  • Welcome to the American Bank Center – Council 2020
  • American Bank Center Map with Council locations

Afternoon Business Session

  • 2020 Committees, Commissions, and Ministries
  • Opening Prayers
  • Introduction from the Rt. Rev. David Reed

Council Eucharist

  • Worship Bulletin

Friday | February 21st

Morning Business Session

  • Morning Prayer
  • Friday Agenda 2020
  • Transcript of the Bishop’s Address 2020
  • Necrology
  • Noonday Prayers

Afternoon Business Session

  • Council Workshops Information
  • Resolution from the Standing Committee, 2020-1

Saturday | February 22nd

Morning Business Session

  • Daily Devotion
  • Saturday Agenda 2020
  • The Report of the Committee on the Bishop’s Address

Council 2020 documents listed above will be added when available.

All flyers, brochures and other handouts to be circulated at Council are approved by Dispatch of Business prior to distribution. The deadline for approval is Thursday, February 13th at 5:00 p.m. For more information, contact Caroline Mowen at No flyer will be accepted for distribution if delivered directly to the American Bank Center without prior approval.

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