All Council resolutions must be submitted prior to December 31, for review by the Committee on Constitutions and Canons and other pertinent diocesan leaders. Resolutions are presented during Pre-Council Convocational Meetings, then brought before Council for vote.

With the consent of the diocesan Standing Committee, the Rt. Rev. David Reed, Bishop of West Texas, requests Council approval for Resolution 2020-1, included below.


Creation of the Office of Assistant Bishop and Authority to Appoint an Assistant Bishop

WHEREAS, the Diocese of West Texas has historically operated with two Bishops, the Diocesan Bishop and the Bishop Suffragan, both whom are elected by the Diocesan Council;

WHEREAS, the previous election for Bishop Suffragan was held in 2017 and the Bishop Suffragan has since resigned to accept a position in another Diocese;

WHEREAS, the Bishop and the Standing Committee are in unanimous agreement that another election, at this time, is not in the best interests of the Diocese;

WHEREAS, the Bishop and the Standing Committee are also in unanimous agreement that the best course of action is to appoint an Assistant Bishop; and

WHEREAS, Canon III.12.5 of the Canons of The Episcopal Church sets forth the procedure to create the office of an Assistant Bishop;


1. The Office of Assistant Bishop is hereby authorized for the Diocese of West Texas in accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese and The Episcopal Church; and

2. The Right Reverend David Reed, Bishop of the Diocese of West Texas, may appoint an Assistant Bishop for the Diocese for a period not to exceed three (3) years.

Points of Clarification:
  • A Bishop Suffragan is elected by the clergy and people of a diocese and can be a priest who will be consecrated in order to serve. Their tenure is not determined by the diocesan bishop. West Texas has elected six suffragan bishops since the mid-1950s, including the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, the Rt. Rev. David Reed in 2006, the Rt. Rev. Robert Hibbs, and three other faithful shepherds of its congregations and clergy.
  • An Assisting Bishop is an already consecrated bishop who serves a diocese on an occasional basis at the request of the diocesan bishop, helping with confirmation visits and other duties of the bishop. Typically, they have retired or resigned from the dioceses in which they were previously called to serve. When the Rt. Rev. Jim Folts, former Bishop of West Texas, makes a Sunday visitation at the request of Bishop Reed, he is acting in this role.
  • An Assistant Bishop is an already consecrated bishop called by the diocesan bishop to serve on an ongoing, regular bases with duties delegated to them by the diocesan bishop. They can serve in a full-time or part-time capacity and typically have resigned all previous responsibilities to other dioceses. The Assistant Bishop’s tenure will not extend beyond the tenure of the diocesan bishop who called him or her.
  • Following the Pre-Council Convocational meetings, Bishop Reed and the Diocesan Chancellor made a minor amendment to the text of Resolution 2020-1 to clarify the actions laid out by the resolution, at the request of a group of clergy and delegates. These amendments are reflected in the text above. Contact for a copy of the initial resolution.
Additional Resources:
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  • Click here to view the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.
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