Executive Board

Two clergy and four laypersons are to be elected for three-year terms.  Retiring incumbents, Mrs. Alice Ann Fischer, Mr. Brian Kates, Mrs. Martha Steves, Mrs. Libby Templeton, and the Revs. John Hill and Bonnie Reeves are ineligible.

Description of duties: The Executive Board is required to meet two times a year, but usually meets more often.  The Board functions in a way similar to a parish vestry, including preparing the diocesan budget and submitting it to Council for approval. The Executive Board appoints several committees, including the Finance Department and the Nominating Committee. The Executive board approves the designations regarding the World Mission funding opportunities (line 1b). Members of the Executive board serve as liaisons to the various departments and commissions of the diocese. A knowledge of (and experience in) ministries representing the breadth of the diocese is an asset to persons who serve on the Executive Board. At the same time, a willingness to engage diocesan ministry and learn of the breadth of the diocese is the most basic requirement for service on the Executive Board.

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  • Article IV, Canon 4  – Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of West Texas

Current Members Church Term ends
 Mr. Steve Alwais  St. George, San Antonio 2021
 Mrs. Nancy Beauchamp  Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi 2021
 Mrs. Michele Koch  St. Francis’, San Antonio 2021
The Rev. Ram Lopez  St. George, San Antonio 2021
Dr. Elizabeth Manning  Holy Spirit, Dripping Springs 2021
 The Rev. Jonathan Wickham All Saints, Corpus Christi 2021
The Rev. Carol Morehead  St. Mark’s, San Antonio 2020
The Rev. Chuck Woehler St. Thomas, San Antonio 2020
Mrs. Wheless Baker St. John’s, Sonora 2020
 Mr. Tommy Funk St. David’s, San Antonio 2020
 Mrs. Gayle Gottich All Saints, Corpus Christi 2020
Ms. Emily Vanderwalle  St. Luke’s, San Antonio 2020
* The Rev. John Hill St. Margaret’s, San Antonio 2019
* The Rev. Bonnie Reeves Partners In Ministry 2019
* Mrs. Alice Ann Fischer Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi 2019
* Mr. Brian Kates St. David’s, San Antonio 2019
*  Mrs. Martha Steves St. Mark’s, San Antonio 2019
* Ms. Libby Templeton St. Francis’, Canyon Lake 2019

* Incumbents are ineligible for re-election

2019 Nominees listed below OR download here.

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The nomination information packet e-mailed to clergy and wardens in September 2018 along with the full Nomination Committee Report 2019 (when completed) is available in PDF format on Nominations page.

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