Executive Board

Current Executive Board members.

The Executive Board functions similarly to a parish vestry, and its responsibilities include preparing the diocesan budget and submitting it to Council for approval, as well as appointing several committees, including the Finance Department and the Nominating Committee. Members of the Executive board serve as liaisons to the various departments and commissions of the diocese. The Board is required to meet twice each year and often meets more often.

A knowledge of (and experience in) ministries representing the breadth of the diocese is an asset to persons who serve on the Executive Board. At the same time, a willingness to engage diocesan ministry and learn of the breadth of the diocese is the most basic requirement for service on the Executive Board.

Diocesan Council 2020 will elect two clergy and four laypersons for three-year terms. Retiring incumbents are ineligible.

Description of duties, from the diocesan Constitution and Canons:

  • Article IV, Canon 4  – Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of West Texas
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