In preparation for Diocesan Council, the Nominating Committee will develop a roster of nominees, called to serve the Church through the elected offices of the Diocese, as defined in the Constitution and Canons. The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas are available at, or by contacting the diocesan offices, at 210/888-824-5387.

Nominations for 2020, closed Friday, November 1, 2019

Click here to open the 2020 Nominations Report, which includes the names, biographical information, and photographs of all individuals nominated for one of the offices listed below.

Offices to be Filled by Election by the Annual Diocesan Council

Click here to read the Nominations Request Letter sent to clergy and wardens on September 6, 2019, which includes a list of the Offices to Be Filled by Election at Diocesan Council 2020 and the Biographical Form for submitting nominees. Once completed, nomination forms should be signed and submitted to Leigh Saunders, with a photograph of the nominee, via email ( or fax (210-824-2164). Nominations forms are due by November 1, 2019.

Many of us remember how we began our lay or ordained leadership in the church. It all started with an invitation – an invitation to join in, to share our gifts, and to offer ourselves up in service. The Nominating Committee would like you to extend this invitation to those in your church who may benefit from this call and who may be a blessing to others. Please prayerfully consider yourself, as well as those among you, for nomination this year. Nominees must be sixteen years or older at the time of diocesan Council and communicants within the convocation from which they are being nominated.

All submitted names will be considered, but due to the changing needs of the diocese, not every name submitted will necessarily appear on the ballot. Candidates may be nominated from the floor of Council.

The Committee is grateful for your consideration and for your invitation to others to share their gifts. Your active participation in this process is vital to our efforts to engage leadership throughout our Diocese. May we all walk together in love as Christ loved us.

The Nominating Committee for the 2020 Council of the Diocese of West Texas, appointed by the Rt. Rev. David M. Reed:

The Rev. Canon Beverly Patterson

Carter Huber, Co-Chair

Jeanne Loggie

The Rev. Stephen Carson

The Rev. Bert Baetz

Tami Woods

Rodney Hart

The Rev. John Inserra

The Rev. Dr. Mike Marsh

Southern Convocation

Valley Convocation

Central Convocation

Eastern Convocation

Northern Convocation

Northeastern Convocation

Southern Convocation

Valley Convocation

Western Convocation

  • Click here to read the Record of Elections from the 115th Annual Diocesan Council, in 2019.
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