You’re Invited to the College for Congregational Development!

The Rev. Canon Alissa Newton, Canon for Congregational Development in the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, brings greetings and encouragement from the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, and invites all clergy and lay leaders to attend the inaugural West Texas College for Congregational Development in September 2020. Visit for more information about the College for CongregationalContinue reading “You’re Invited to the College for Congregational Development!”

“Consider the Lilies, Birds, and All Things Divine – A Healing Mud”

The Rev. Becca Stevens’ Sermon from Council Eucharist The Rev. Becca Stevens, Chaplain of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel at Vanderbilt University and the president of Thistle Farms, preached during Council Eucharist at the invitation of Bishop Reed. She shared, “To really see, to gain some insight, to take in what is around us, to beContinue reading ““Consider the Lilies, Birds, and All Things Divine – A Healing Mud””

Good Samaritan Community Services

The Rt. Rev. David Reed shares the impact that Good Samaritan Community Services has on the diocesan community, and introduces a video telling about their ongoing ministries. As a social justice ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, Good Samaritan Community Services empowers thousands of our neighbors throughout the diocese. Under the leadership ofContinue reading “Good Samaritan Community Services”

“Small Miracles Happening Every Week”

Vital University Missions, Council 2020 Allie Melancon, Interim Director of College Missions, shares the ongoing campus outreach initiatives of the diocese, telling stories of the young people involved in Vital UM – Episcopal worshipping communities on campuses within the Diocese. She concludes the report saying, What our young people want from the Church are peopleContinue reading ““Small Miracles Happening Every Week””