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Resolutions from the Constitutions and Canons Committee

Rod Schneider with the Committee on Resolutions presents two resolutions:

  • Resolution 1-2019 on Canon 9, Section 4 regarding Synod of the Province delegates
  • Resolution 2-2019 on Canon 15, regarding Episcopal Schools

Both resolutions pass after a brief discussion from the floor.

You can read the full text of the resolutions here. The complete diocesan Constitutions and Canons are available on the diocesan website; click here to view.

Grace Church, San Antonio, parish status

Welcome in with a loud celebration and a standing ovation, members of Grace Church, San Antonio, walked around the floor of Diocesan Council and made their way to the front, as they were welcomed as the newest parish in the Diocese of West Texas. What began in the Rev. Jay and Jamie George’s living room in 2009 – a dream of a new kind of Episcopal church with their family of 5 – grew to 20 people, to 40, and continued to grow. Grace Church, which became a mission of the diocese in 2011, now has over 220 members and an average Sunday attendance of 97. Over 85 percent of its members are under that age of 55. “You planted this church, with your prayers and support, and we are most grateful. Thank you, thank you,” said Jay George.

See gallery of photos here.

Grace Church, San Antonio, becomes a parish! from Episcopal Diocese of West Texas on Vimeo.

Full audio below:

Report 2 of 2 of the Special Task Force on the Diocesan Budget

Caroline Mowen (St. Luke’s, San Antonio) and John Warren (Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi), co-chairs of the Special Task Force on the Diocesan Budget, presented Diocesan Council with Resolution 2, with a discussion that you can listen to below:

Committee on Resolutions and discussion on the floor

Three resolutions were presented by Rod Schneider with the Committee on Resolutions:

  • Resolution 1-2018 on the Diocesan Budget
  • Resolution 3-2018 Initial Response to General Convention Resolution D013
  • Resolution 4-2018 on Stewardship

You can read all the resolutions on the Go Green page.

All 3 resolutions passed after a brief discussion from the floor, which you can listen to here:


Concerning Resolution 2-2018

An initial version of proposed Resolution 2-2018 Examination of Local Option Line 1a and Line 1b was presented by the Budget Task Force at the PreCouncil meetings in each of the convocations (you may view the original version here).  Following the PreCouncil meetings, the members of the Budget Task Force and a group of delegates worked to expand and clarify the original resolution.  Specifically, the authors and editors wished:

  1. To anchor the resolution in our diocesan core value of reconciliation;
  2. To expand the resolution’s focus from only disagreement to also include agreement;
  3. To re-frame the resolution to be a positive statement about building relationships and mutual understanding within the Diocese and between the Diocese and the larger Church;
  4. To more closely follow and respond to the Whereas statements of the original resolution; and
  5. To give clarity and specificity about the desired

ORIGINAL Resolution 2-2018 Examination of Local Option Line 1a and Line 1b (link to Original PDF).

The resulting Resolution 2-2018 below is hereby offered in place of the original 2-2018 distributed at PreCouncil.

FINAL Resolution 2-2018 Examination of Local Option Line 1a and Line 1b (link to Final PDF)

For additional information visit the Resolutions page.

Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, becomes a parish

trinity-portaTrinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, marched onto the floor of Council in joyous celebration accompanied by ukuleles and a beautifully painted surfboard, as the 113th Diocesan Council resolved the church to parish status. Watch the celebration below and see pictures here.

Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas becomes a parish at Diocesan Council from Episcopal Diocese of West Texas on Vimeo.


Pre-council Packets and Anglican Covenant

The Pre-Council page has been updated to include items distributed in the delegate packets including Nominations, Resolutions, Proposed Statement on Anglican Covenant, Council in Action poster and information, Council Live poster plus Mrs. Barrington visits Council flyer.  For your reading pleasure the Anglican Communion Covenant, Commentary on Section IV, and Supplemental information from Council 2010 are also available.