The Collaborative Banner Unveiled

Needing a HandThere is work to be done in the Kingdom,This is easier said than done,But just like stained glass windows,Many pieces must point to the sun.With the eyes of our hearts enlightenedWe gather to strengthen our souls.We search for our own special missionMoving forward with each of our roles.As hands are painted with colorsContinue reading “The Collaborative Banner Unveiled”

Daily Devotions and the Bishop’s Youth Commission

Led by Meredith Rogers, the Youth Minister of St. Mark’s, San Antonio, as well as Mackenzie Alter from St. John’s, McAllen and Maddie Boutte from St. Helena’s, Boerne – both serving as youth members of their churches’ lay delegations to Council 2020. Meredith continues to report on the newly reconvened Bishop’s Youth Commission and WestContinue reading “Daily Devotions and the Bishop’s Youth Commission”

Council 2020 – Day Three

Welcome to Council 2020 – Day Three. Take a peek at what’s coming up today! Saturday | February 22, 2020 8:00 a.m. Friends of Bill Meeting (C101) 8:00 a.m. Childcare opens (Watergarden B) 9:00 a.m. Council reconvenes (Ex. Hall B) Daily Devotion Announcements Bishop’s Youth Commission Introduction Invitation to Council 2021 IONA Initiative Report Exec.Continue reading “Council 2020 – Day Three”

Thank You to Council 2019 Host Churches

To our five Council 2019 Host Churches, we are so grateful to all of you, for all that you’ve offered us, and for your example of generous hospitality. St. John’s Episcopal Church in McAllen St. Peter and St. Paul Episcopal Church in Mission Trinity Episcopal Church in Pharr St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Edinburg GraceContinue reading “Thank You to Council 2019 Host Churches”

“Formerly Known as Apportionment Ad Hoc” – Shared Ministry Report

The Rev. Ram Lopez and Richard Mosty address Council about the challenges and the benefits to the diocesan apportionment for congregations of all sizes. They open their presentation with a “Set Aside Prayer”: God, please help me set aside everything I think I know about myself, the apportionment, and You, God, so that I mayContinue reading ““Formerly Known as Apportionment Ad Hoc” – Shared Ministry Report”

“Where your Treasure is, There your Heart Shall Be Also.” – Budget Priorities Report

Martha Steves and Tommy Funk speak about the work of the Executive Board – Budget Priorities Ad Hoc Committee. They share the ongoing work of the committee, and emphasize the spiritual aspect of their work, quoting Matthew 6:19-21. She explains that they have been going through the budget with the goal of “discerning if theContinue reading ““Where your Treasure is, There your Heart Shall Be Also.” – Budget Priorities Report”

Record of Elections from Council 2019

Each year at Diocesan Council, lay and clergy members are elected for three-year terms to various boards and committees, as mandated in our diocesan Constitution and Canons. Read below for the names of those elected in 2019, and descriptions of their responsibilities while serving on diocesan Executive Board and Standing Committee, as well as onContinue reading “Record of Elections from Council 2019”