Attendee Registration Opens Thursday

December 16, 2010 is the date.  Our registration process will be very similar to last year, but with a much more user-friendly interface.  A registration letter and instructions from the host committee was mailed to all clergy and churches on December 10, 2010.  Online payment options will include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express creditContinue reading “Attendee Registration Opens Thursday”

Exhibitors start your engines . . .

. . . and check your mailboxes.  An invitation to exhibit at Council 2011 was mailed on Saturday, December 4, 2010 to all previous and potential Exhibitors.  This is the “year of the exhibits” as 36 premium booths line the spacious, soaring corridors leading to the business session.  Thirty (30) more booths will reside inContinue reading “Exhibitors start your engines . . .”

Certification of Election

Council is official.  The 2011 Delegate Count, Certification of  Election form and letter from the Diocesan Secretary, the Rev. David Read was mailed November 17 and is now online.  David Read specifically encouraged you to store and save his letter and attachments.  Now that you’ve done that, but can’t remember where they are, we haveContinue reading “Certification of Election”

Council Nomination Process

Encourage people to submit their names for consideration. The nomination process is very important this year with the additional election of Deputies & Alternate Deputies to 2012 General Convention and Delegates and Alternate Delegates to Synod of the Province of the Southwest (Province VII).  A packet of information was mailed to all Rectors, Vicars, AssistantsContinue reading “Council Nomination Process”