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“A Block at a Time” – The Rt. Rev. David Bailey, Bishop of Navajoland

The Rt. Rev. David Bailey, Bishop of Navajoland, returns to our diocese to address Council about our blossoming mission partnership. Bishop Bailey has served as Bishop of Navajoland since August 7, 2010.

Bishop Bailey shares, “I want to express our appreciation for walking with us in our journey to rebuild over the last year. I’m experiencing in Navajoland the sharing of the love that has been expressed by you all on our behalf. We do not have the capability by ourselves to rebuild the church in Navajoland. But through the wonderful gifts that you are providing and are continuing to provide,  a block at a time, we build the church in Navajoland. To be able to continue that and to walk in the journey of sharing God’s love with God’s people, I’m truly blessed.”

“Miracles Happening Everyday” – World Missions Report

Tatiana Hoecker, World Mission Program Coordinator, presents the report on the Department of World Missions in the Diocese of West Texas. Joining the diocesan staff this year, she coordinates and aids our World Mission team leaders to foster and grow their programs around the world to be self-sustaining and to create sustainable change in communities world-wide. She reminds us that World Mission is “focused on SUSTAINABILITY in all of our programs and partnerships. We never work FOR the people we serve, we work WITH them.”

She also introduced Patricia Perea, development consultant for World Mission. Tatiana explains that “[Patricia] is communicating and working with priests and parishes to involve them in World Mission projects. When you get a call from her, make sure to pick it up! She wants to make sure you have access to all the resources you need to be a part of World Mission.”

“A Year of Risk-Taking” – Department of Communications Report

Ms. Emily Kittrell, Director of Marketing & Communications reports on the new Department of Communications at the Diocese of West Texas.

Emily officially introduces herself and colleague Ms. Laura McGrew, Manager of Communications, shares the direction for the department, and begins a conversation with the audience through participation in a real-time digital polling tool.

Emily shares, “We understand that as a leader in the church you want to be a steward of compelling information, a storyteller, a kingdom-builder. In order to accomplish that you need an example of an amazing communications strategy, and that should start here…Which is why we have a renewed vision to develop and implement a multi-faceted strategic marketing and communications plan through the production of targeted, timely, relevant, and compelling messages, and through training and support for church communicators.”

Congregational Development Presents Basecamp Resources

On behalf of the Congregational Development Department, Haley Bankey offers a brief description and tutorial of the community building and file sharing program called Basecamp. She invites anyone with questions about this resource to visit the booth at Council, or contact the department at

“Challenged and Cherished” – TMI Episcopal Report

The Rev. Scott Brown, Headmaster, TMI-Episcopal reports on TMI Episcopal in the Diocese of West Texas. TMI Episcopal is a coed, college-preparatory school for students in grades 6-12. Its rich history dates back to 1893 when the school was founded by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and has grown to become the excellent academic community it is today.

Scott shares in his report, “Through relationships with our students, we are committed to challenging and cherishing our student body.” Our students will do very well in college admissions process…They’re enrolled in top-tier colleges all over the world and that is important. But what is equally as important is that they are great human beings, that they are serving their communities, and that they know they are loved. Challenged and cherished: We can do both. In fact, we must do both.”

Honoring of the Rt. Rev. Benito Juarez-Martinez, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Mexico

The Rt. Rev. Benito Juarez-Martinez, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Mexico is honored on the occasion of his retirement, after many years of shared ministry and friendship between our dioceses. Martinez was ordained to the priesthood in 1973 and the Episcopate on November 13, 1999. About his ministry, he says, “My life with Jesus Christ has been a pilgrimmage that has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from many brothers and sisters of almost all the American Continent. I give thanks to our Almighty God because He has been my inspiration and my guide.”

“Why Camp is Important Today” – Camps and Conferences Report

Director of Camps and Conferences, Rob Watson, shares the importance and impact of our diocesan camping programs, referencing recent data about campers born after 1996, known as “Generation Z”, and sharing stories and statistics from 2018.

Each year, the diocesan camping ministry provides experiences in the outdoors, grounded in the Christian faith and Episcopalian tradition, where children, youth, and adults work, play, and grow together as they develop a community of trust, openness, and sharing. Together campers, counselors, clergy, and staff explore what it means to walk together in the way of love.

At a recent gathering of Episcopal camp directors, the Most Rev. Michael Curry gave the keynote address and spoke powerfully about the need for camp experiences in today’s world.

  • For information about upcoming camp programming for children, youth, adults, and families, visit
  • For information about contributing the Camps Scholarship Fund, click here.
  • For information about participating in the Waves of Growth and Promise campaign at Mustang Island Conference Center, and ongoing projects at Camp Capers and Duncan Park, email Rob Watson.

Revitalizing Stewardship in the Diocese of West Texas

The Rev. Jason Roberts, Rector at Holy Spirit, San Antonio, introduces, Richard Rogers, Consultant of Horizons Stewardship who reports on Revitalizing Stewardship in the Diocese of West Texas.

As part of the diocesan effort to re-energize and support stewardship within local congregations, the Stewardship Department is hosting a series of three day-long workshops: Revitalizing Stewardship Parts A, B, and C led by Richard Rogers. Each church is encouraged to appoint a stewardship team from their congregation to attend one, two, or all three of these coordinating workshops. Read more at

Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley – Stories from Texas

2017-05-19 01.44.00

Introduced by the Rev. Rod Clark, W.F. Strong is a Texologist, a professor, and a radio personality with a podcast and regular programming on NPR.

He shared stories from his childhood, as well as a dictionary of Texas terminology that lay a foundation of hometown pride and a sense of shared identity as Texans. He told stories connected to familiar Texan phrases, like “Bob Wire” (barbed wire), “Chester Drawers” (chest of drawers), and “Orale!” (used for many things, including “I agree with you,” “Come on!”, “Yes,” “Hurry up”, and “That’s amazing”) the gathered assembly laughed uproariously, and nodded enthusiastically at familiar terms and shared experiences.

The spirit of joy and camaraderie filling the room resonates with the diocesan theme, from the book of Ephesians. It is good to gather together; it is good to tell stories; it is good to “walk together in love as Christ loved us.” (Ephesians 5:2).

Welcome to New Clergy, Seminarians, and Diocesan Staff

The Rt. Rev. David Reed welcomes clergy who have joined the Diocese of West Texas in the past year.

  • The Rev. Ernest Buchanan, Vicar, St. James’, Hebbronville
  • The Rev. William Campbell, Curate, Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
  • The Rev. Irv Cutter, Rector, St Luke’s, San Antonio
  • The Rev. Andrew Green, Curate, Holy Spirit, San Antonio
  • The Rev. Justin Lindstrom, Associate Rector, Christ Church, San Antonio
  • The Rev. Tom Luck, Vicar, Ascension, Montell
  • The Rev. Cynthia McKenna, Associate Rector, All Saints’, Corpus Christi
  • The Rev Judith Rhodes, Associate Rector, Reconciliation, San Antonio
  • The Rev. Joyce Wilkinson, Vicar, Good Shepherd, George West
  • The Rev. Josh Woods, Assistant Rector, St. David’s, San Antonio

2017-05-19 01.37.23Bishop Reed also extends a greeting to  our seminarians Kendra McDonald, studying at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA, and Peter Thaddeus, studying at the Seminary of Southwest in Austin, TX.

He also introduces to several new diocesan staff members.

  • The Rev. Mike Besson, Archdeacon
  • Tatiana Hoecker, World Mission Program Coordinator
  • Emily Kittrell, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Caroline Mowen, Canon for Administration and Ministry Support
  • Laura McGrew, Communications Manager
  • Lisa Wray, Camp Caper’s Office Manager