Church Planting Task Force

John Thompson (Christ Church, San Antonio), the Rev. Ripp Hardaway (St. John’s, New Braunfels), Delia Cardenas (St. Stephen’s, San Antonio), and the Rev. David Read (St. Luke’s, San Antonio) updated Diocesan Council on the work over the past year of the Church Planting Task Force. The task force was created after last year’s Diocesan Council,Continue reading “Church Planting Task Force”

Good Samaritan Community Services – New CEO Simon Salas

In January of 2016, Jill Oettinger announced her retirement as the CEO of Good Samaritan Community Services (GSCS). Simon G. Salas, Esq. was announced as its new CEO this past December. He began work at GSCS in January, 2017 and is the 5th named CEO of GSCS in its 65 years of operation. Mr. Salas shared some ofContinue reading “Good Samaritan Community Services – New CEO Simon Salas”

Report on College Missions

Greg Richards, director of College Missions, said that God continues to bring new life on the campuses of St. Mary’s University, the University of Incarnate Word, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas State University, and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the newest program location of Vital University Ministries (College Missions). “WeContinue reading “Report on College Missions”

Evangelism Committee and Invite-Welcome-Connect

As one of the initiatives set forth in Bishop Reed’s 2016 address to Diocesan Council, the Evangelism Committee has completed a year of work toward advancing the Kingdom of God, including continuing the teaching of the Invite-Welcome-Connect (IWC) program created by Mary Parmer in the Diocese of Texas. The Rev. John Hill, chair of theContinue reading “Evangelism Committee and Invite-Welcome-Connect”

Council Theme – Introduction and Bible Study

Behold! God is at work. He has already overcome death, and we believe in his saving grace. We see a new horizon, whether this resembles a welcome small change in our lives worthy of praise or a grand movement proclaiming God’s kingdom here on Earth. God is making all things new, each and every day.Continue reading “Council Theme – Introduction and Bible Study”

Welcome to new clergy and senior seminarians

The Rev. Canon Joann Saylors welcomed new clergy to the Diocese of West Texas, who have all began serving here in the past year: Mark Bigley, who serves at Annunciation, Luling Jan Dantone, Epiphany, Kingsville Michael Fulk, All Saints, San Benito Jennifer Shadle, Assistant Rector of St. John’s, McAllen Bishop Gary Lillibridge also introduced theContinue reading “Welcome to new clergy and senior seminarians”