Report of Military Ministry

The Rev. Karen Brandon, along with Chaplain Susan Douglas, and Dexter Lesieur, delivered an update on the diocesan Military Ministry efforts, which began after a ministry to active duty military, veterans, and their families was set forth as a new diocesan initiative by Bishop Reed at last year’s Diocesan Council. Though the field is vastContinue reading “Report of Military Ministry”

Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, becomes a parish

Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, marched onto the floor of Council in joyous celebration accompanied by ukuleles and a beautifully painted surfboard, as the 113th Diocesan Council resolved the church to parish status. Watch the celebration below and see pictures here. Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas becomes a parish at Diocesan Council fromContinue reading “Trinity by the Sea, Port Aransas, becomes a parish”

Young Adult Leadership Formation

The Rev. Ram Lopez (St. George, San Antonio) and Lisa Earl (St. Peter’s, Kerrville) are co-chairs of the Young Adult Leadership Formation initiative, one of the initiatives set forth by Bishop Reed last year. In their report to Council on Friday, February 24, Lopez and Earl reminded the diocese that young adults are very interestedContinue reading “Young Adult Leadership Formation”

Council Eucharist Sermon, Bishop Lillibridge

Bishop Gary Lillibridge delivered the sermon during the 113th Diocesan Council Eucharist service on Thursday, February 23. After plenty of jokes and laughter, he focused on the diocesan theme: “Behold, I make all things new,” and he encouraged all to offer themselves for the sake of others and to become God’s partner in making thingsContinue reading “Council Eucharist Sermon, Bishop Lillibridge”