Evangelism Committee and Invite-Welcome-Connect

As one of the initiatives set forth in Bishop Reed’s 2016 address to Diocesan Council, the Evangelism Committee has completed a year of work toward advancing the Kingdom of God, including continuing the teaching of the Invite-Welcome-Connect (IWC) program created by Mary Parmer in the Diocese of Texas. The Rev. John Hill, chair of theContinue reading “Evangelism Committee and Invite-Welcome-Connect”

Council Theme – Introduction and Bible Study

Behold! God is at work. He has already overcome death, and we believe in his saving grace. We see a new horizon, whether this resembles a welcome small change in our lives worthy of praise or a grand movement proclaiming God’s kingdom here on Earth. God is making all things new, each and every day.Continue reading “Council Theme – Introduction and Bible Study”

Diocesan Council of 2017 – Called to Order

The 2017 Diocesan Council for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas was officially called to order by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Gary Lillibridge on Thursday, February 23rd in Corpus Christi, Texas. Opening prayers were offered by the Rt. Rev. David Reed, and Clergy, Delegates, Alternates, and Visitors were welcomed by the Rev. Milton Black fromContinue reading “Diocesan Council of 2017 – Called to Order”

Order of Naucratius: Prayer, Charity, and Conservation

The Rev. Rod Clark shared about the Order of Naucratius in which members follow the words of Jesus when he said, “The people are hungry, and you feed them.” The Order of Naucratius focuses on holy hunting and fishing where men and women donate a significant portion of their catch or kill to feed hungryContinue reading “Order of Naucratius: Prayer, Charity, and Conservation”

Commissioning Youth In Action and a Thank You to The Rev. Stockton Williams

Saturday morning at Council began with our Daily Devotions and the commissioning of this year’s Youth in Action. Bishop Lillibridge also called for the Rev. Stockton Williams to thank him for his 12 years of service as the Happening Spiritual Director. “Happening is an active, active ministry in our diocese,” said Lillibridge, as the youthContinue reading “Commissioning Youth In Action and a Thank You to The Rev. Stockton Williams”

College-age Students Thirsty for Life-Giving Waters of Jesus

Greg Richards, director of College Missions, said he is amazingly appreciative to be able to direct this mission in our diocese, which involves 300 people, four campuses, prayer, worship, play, and followers of Jesus who invite their friends to join their joy. College Missions is currently in its third year of the Elisha Leadership Initiative,Continue reading “College-age Students Thirsty for Life-Giving Waters of Jesus”