Saturday AM Business Agenda

This agenda is tentative and subject to change.  To guarantee you have the latest information always refresh the website.

Saturday AM (2/25/17)
  • 8:45 AM, Council Reconvenes
    • Bishop David Reed
  • Morning Prayers
  • Call to Order and Nominating Ballot
  • Thank You to Good Shepherd Hosts
    • Bishop Gary Lillibridge
  • Election of Bishop Suffragan (until a majority in both  orders is reached)

    • First Electing Ballot
      • Results of First Ballot Announced
    • Second Electing Ballot
      • Results of Second Ballot Announced
    • Third Electing Ballot
      • Results of Third Ballot Announced
    • Fourth Electing Ballot
      • Results of Fourth Ballot Announced
  • Announcement of Bishop Suffragan-Elect
  • Closing Song
  • Announcements and Dismissal to Sign Testimonials
  • Adjourn

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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