Deputies & Alternate Deputies to Synod of Province VII

Four clergy persons and four lay persons to be elected as Delegates, and four clergy persons and four lay persons to be elected as Alternate Delegates.  All nominees must be confirmed communicants in good standing. Retiring incumbents are:  The Revs. Matthew Frey, Joann Saylors, Patrick Soule, Nancy Springer, Tommy Bye, Sandra Casey-Martus, and Mrs. Connie Bye, Mr. Roger Grapham, Mrs. Melanie Klotzman, Mrs. Sharon Neukam, Mr. Kent Hutton, Mr. Cash Keith, Mr. Todd MacKenzie, and Mr. Dan Williams Capone.

Description of duties: As voting representatives of the diocese attend the meeting of the Synod of the Province of the Southwest (Province VII)

Also see (On

  • Canon 9, Section 4 – Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of West Texas


Current Members Church Position &
Term ends
Mrs. Connie Bye St. Luke’s, Cypress Mill Delegate 2017
The Rev. Matthew Frey Redeemer, Eagle Pass Delegate 2017
Mr. Roger Graham St. Andrew’s, San Antono Delegate 2017
Mrs. Melanie Klotzman St. Francis, Victoria Delegate 2017
Mrs. Sharon Neukam St. Stephen’s, Wimberley Delegate 2017
The Rev. Joann Saylors Diocese of West Texas Delegate 2017
The Rev. Patrick Soule St. Helena’s, Boerne Delegate 2017
The Rev. Nancy Springer St. Alban’s, Harlingen Delegate 2017
The Rev. Tommy Bye St. Luke’s, Cypress Mill Alternate 2017
The Rev. Sandra Casey-Martus St. Stephen’s, Wimberley Alternate 2017
Mr. Kent Hutton St. Boniface, Comfort Alternate 2017
Mr. Keith Cash St. Philip’s, Uvalde Alternate 2017
Mr. Todd MacKenzie St. Stephen’s, Wimberley Alternate 2017
Mr. Dan Williams-Capone  St. Francis, Victoria Alternate 2017
Two Positions Vacant Alternates 2017
2017 Nominees listed below. Download here. is a website allowing free storage of documents. Use their command buttons to View Fullscreen for online reading, or Download the full packet when available for printing.

The nomination information packet e-mailed to clergy and wardens in August 2016 is available on the Nomination page along with the full Nomination Report 2017.

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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