Friday AM Business Agenda

This agenda is tentative and subject to change.  To guarantee you have the latest information always refresh the website.

Friday AM (2/24/17)
  • 8:55 AM, Council Reconvenes with Prayers
    • Bishop David Reed
      • Opening Prayers
  • Ballots
  • Bishop Coadjutor Address

    • Bishop David Reed
  • 20-minute Break
  • Young Adult Leadership Formation
    • The Rev. Ram Lopez and Lisa Earl
  • Ballots
  • Sewanee – University of the South
    • Dr. McCardell, Vice Chancellor
  • Military Ministry
    • Karen Brandon, Susan Douglas, & Dexter Lesieur
    • Video
  • Announcements
  • Noonday Prayers
  • 11:30 AM, Recess to Bishops’ Friday Luncheon

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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