As Christian people we are accountable for the right use of the gifts and skills with which our Father has blessed us. We are called to elect leaders who will help the bishops in guiding the diocesan body, to budget wisely and well the resource we have been given, and to report back to the people whom we serve.

Our Annual Diocesan Council is the vehicle through which we conduct the business of the diocese under its canons and constitution.  At the 112th Council we will elect diocesan leadership to the Executive Board, the Standing Committee, The Episcopal Church Corporation, the trustees of TMI-the Episcopal School of Texas, and trustees of the University of the South.

Every three years (Council 2017) Deputies & Alternate Deputies to General Convention and Delegates & Alternates Delegates to Synod of the Province of the Southwest (Province VII) are elected to attend those events.  The Synod will be held in conjunction with the orientation to General Convention.  General Convention will be held in July 2018 at the Austin Convention Center hosted by The Diocese of Texas.

Council will also receive and adopt diocesan budgets for 2016 and 2017 and will hear reports from  several of our ministries as well as receive the written reports of all diocesan committees, commissions, and departments.

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas


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