Theme 2018

God makes promises. . . God keeps promises.

Of us, he asks that we love him with all our hearts, all our souls, and all our minds, and that we love our neighbors as ourselves. And the greatest way to learn how to love God and love our neighbor and lean on his promises is to hear and read God’s Word.

The theme for Diocesan Council 2018 is “The word is very near to you,” from Deuteronomy 30:14.

This passage finds itself bookended in the Torah between “assurance” and “decision.” God’s promise is that he will always be with us, through thick and thin, but the decision is ours to answer the call or not. To love the Lord our God. To walk in his ways. To obey his commandments. To choose life.

In this coming year, as a diocesan family, we will keep God’s word very near. We will engage in diocesan-wide Bible readings and study, we will continue in our mission work locally and abroad, we will reach out in kindness and fellowship to all our neighbors, and we will worship together and walk as leaders in the way of the cross. We will continue to go this way, toward the Kingdom of God.

May God’s call for us, as the Diocese of West Texas, be in our ears and our hearts as we come together to renew relationships and to step forward under new leadership. May his words of life be in our mouths as we spread the Kingdom beyond ourselves in each of our churches, our communities, and our ministries.

Come with open senses and open hearts, for God has promised his word will be found just there, so we may hold fast to it and continue to grow as Jesus’ witnesses.

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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