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Letters and Care Packages for some Special Campers

CampcapersOur Camp Capers summer camp program gives people ages 8-18 an opportunity to experience the unconditional love and friendship of Christian community at age specific, week-long sessions.

Each year, Camp Capers partners with Good Samaritan Community Services and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children to bring under-served children and youth to camp. While these campers are welcomed with open arms by everyone, their counselors have noticed that many do NOT receive letters or care packages like their peers.

To help these campers feel included and tackle homesickness
let’s send them care packages and letters
from their Diocesan family!

Click here for a Council in Action flyer.

Care Package Items:Gift 1

Care packages do not have to be extravagant to show campers that they are loved, even by complete strangers! Camp staff and volunteers will assemble the boxes, but we need YOU to donate the items. Feel free to “think outside the box” for your contribution or purchase from the following list of care package classics.

Craft Supplies
▪Friendship Bracelet String
▪ Sidewalk chalk
▪ Instructional books (origami, etc.)
▪ Colored pencils or crayons
▪ Coloring books or sketch pad
▪ Lined journal

Gift 3Puzzles or Games
▪ Mad Libs, brainteasers
▪ Pack of cards or card games

Summer Camp Gear
▪ Reusable water bottle (especially ones with a spray top!)
▪ Bandanas
▪ Frisbee
▪ Disposable camera
▪ Cool patterned socksGift 2

Cabin Bonding Gifts
▪ Stickers
▪ Nail kits
▪ Glow sticks

Note: Please do NOT donate any electronics, food, or gum.

Letters to Campers:

CIA-post-card-2016Letters are absolutely the most effective antidote for homesickness. A child can read and reread them and feel connected to a bigger community, even without the writer being present.

There are four age groups you can send a letter.  Please write the session on the envelope, so we can make sure it goes to the right camper, then bring your letter(s) to the Council in Action booth at Council 2016. Camp sessions are listed below with approximate camper ages.

  • Senior High (15 – 18 years old)
  • Junior High (13 – 15 years old)
  • Intermediate (11 – 13 years old)
  • Primary (8 – 11 years old)

Writing Ideas: You can write how camp has impacted your life or your child’s life. Tell our campers why they are important, & why you’re writing to them. Most importantly, remind them how much Jesus loves them!

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