2017 Theme

Stop and look.
. . . Look all around you.
. . . . . . Do you see it?
. . . . . . . . . .Did you notice?

God is making all things new. Always, God is making all things new.

The challenge we often find ourselves faced with is seeing God at work in our lives, in lives around us, in our community, and in our world.

english-square-transparentIn the book of Revelation, chapter 21, the writer sees “a new heaven and a new earth,” and from the one who is seated on the throne, he hears, “Behold, I make all things new” (21:5 RSV). From this verse comes our diocesan theme for 2017.

Behold! God is at work. He has already overcome death, and we believe in his saving grace. We see a new horizon, whether this resembles a welcome small change in our lives worthy of praise or a grand movement proclaiming God’s kingdom here on Earth. God is making all things new, each and every day.

Pause. Take a deep breath, and look all around you. What is new in your life? What is changing? What has God set in motion?

As a diocesan family we are on a path to the Kingdom of God. As Bishop Reed told us last year at Diocesan Council, we are going “this way,” the way that leads to the Kingdom. We are participating in deeds of mercy, gifts of love, and in such acts, we are making things new for others, for our neighbors.

Join us at this year’s Diocesan Council to hear testimonies of the amazing work God is doing, to feel the joy among friends who are witnessing this together, who are a part of our purpose. Behold all that is new and all that is to come.


Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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