“The Ethics of Disagreeing: A Way of Being with One Another When We Disagree”

Dr. Scott Bader-Saye, Academic Dean andProfessor of Ethics and Moral Theology at Seminary of the Southwest, spoke at the Bishop’s Luncheon on Friday. He shared, “There are certainly things [we argue about], whether they are on the broad political spectrum or just things in your own parish that may not be at the level of socialism and capitalism, or same-sex marriage, or any number of things that sit at this level. It might be the new carpeting sometimes that becomes ‘the thing’ that you’re arguing over. The things that we disagree about happen at a lot of levels, but the way we go about being together and carrying out those kinds of conversations is significant if we’re going to in some way bear witness to the God we worship. Doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, but it means we disagree differently, and there are certain ways that mark our disagreements such that they look more Christ-like than they might otherwise.”

Use the Audio Player below to hear Dr. Scott Bader-Saye’s complete presentation.
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