Opening Prayers & Welcome

Prayers led by the Rt. Rev. Sue Briner, Bishop of the Southwestern Texas Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA).

Following the Opening Prayers, Bishop Briner extended greetings to the assembled Council from the ECLA Southwestern Texas Synod, its 130 congregations, its Lutheran University and Seminary, its outdoor ministries, its agencies, and Lutheran institutions, saying, “It is such a blessing to be here with you today.”

Bishop Briner shares, “I want to encourage and challenge you in each of your communities, there is likely a Lutheran church somewhere. I want to challenge you – in 2020 and beyond – to think of ways in which you can deepen your relationships with one another, think about ways in which you can worship together, serve together, train and equip each other together, so that we really can continue to live into this common mission we share for the sake of the gospel.”

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