Welcome to the Coastal Bend

“Aloha, Y’all”

The Rev. Jonathan Wickham, Rector of All Saints’, Corpus Christi, The Rev. James Derkits, Rector of Trinity, Port Aransas, and Council Co-Chairs Gail Gottlich of All Saints’, Corpus Christi and Amy Sullivan of Trinity, Port Aransas welcome all to Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend.

The Rev. James Derkits shares, “We’ve been intentional in our planning. We’re so happy to have y’all here. We hope that we’ve created a space that is focused on prayer, and lots of beauty.”

The Rev. Jonathan Wickham shares, “We hope that you’ve brought your creative energy with you and that you are already experiencing some of the blessings of being part of community. We hope that you continue to strengthen your bonds of affection in the community we form this week.”

Thank you to the Council Hosts, Leaders, Volunteers, and Clergy for months of effort to bring Council 2020 to fruition.

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