“Small Miracles Happening Every Week”

Vital University Missions, Council 2020

Allie Melancon, Interim Director of College Missions, shares the ongoing campus outreach initiatives of the diocese, telling stories of the young people involved in Vital UM – Episcopal worshipping communities on campuses within the Diocese. She concludes the report saying,

What our young people want from the Church are people who are living out this kind of transformation in radical, counter cultural ways. They want a church that doesn’t look like the world. They want a Church that says, “I see small miracles happening each week – You know what I mean.” They want to witness people reconciling broken relationships and coming together to share a meal.

Guys, we can do this! Our churces are doing this, but we can do better. It has to start with us, not them.”

Thank you for your time this afternoon and your continued support of this important work in the diocese.

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