“Sharing Life and Friendship on Campus” – Vital University Missions Report

Greg Richards, Director of College Missions, presents about what’s happening on college campuses in our diocese and around the country. He shares about the growing presence of Vital University Missions in the Rio Grande Valley and explores the joy of sharing Jesus Christ and the Episcopal Church with college students. He says that,

In College Missions, we believe friendship is how Jesus came into the world (evangelism), and there are three core beliefs about friendship that inform our ministry:

  1. The status quo is wrong and must be overthrown if the world is going to be livable.
  2. There is another world aborning that is livable. (The Kingdom of God, here with us!)
  3. The usual means by which one kingdom is thrown out and another put in its place (military force or democratic elections) are not available to us.

Ministry on college campuses can be changeable and sometimes feel overwhelming, but it is a blessing to join the ministry that Jesus Christ has already started in the hearts of our college students and to walk in love with our students.

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