Record of Elections from Council 2019

Each year at Diocesan Council, lay and clergy members are elected for three-year terms to various boards and committees, as mandated in our diocesan Constitution and Canons. Read below for the names of those elected in 2019, and descriptions of their responsibilities while serving on diocesan Executive Board and Standing Committee, as well as on the Board of Trustees for the Episcopal Church Corp in West Texas, TMI Episcopal, and Sewanee: the University of the South.

The Executive Board functions similarly to a parish vestry, with responsibilities that include preparing the diocesan budget and submitting it to Council for approval, appointing committees, and serving as liaisons to the various diocesan departments and commissions.

  • Elected clergy: the Rev. James Derkits and the Rev. Rod Clark
  • Elected clergy to fill one-year, unexpired term: the Rev. Jeff Hammond
  • Elected laity: Meredith Rogers, Rosine Carter, Sharon Flores, and John Warren
  • Elected lay-person to fill one-year unexpired term: Blaine Bennett

The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the diocesan bishop, and among its responsibilities are granting consents to the election of bishops throughout the Episcopal Church, as well as interviewing seminarians and recommending to the bishop whether or not they be made candidates for ordination. The Standing Committee is composed of six persons, three clergy and three lay.

  • Elected clergy: the Rev. Beth Knowlton
  • Elected lay-person: Lory Zimmerman

The Episcopal Church Corporation in West Texas holds title to the permanent funds and other property belonging to the diocese, has authority to receive bequests and donations, and may sell or mortgage property to which it holds title. The Trustees work with the Bishop on designating certain restricted funds as they are needed in ministry.

  • Elected clergy: the Rev. Don Lee
  • Elected lay-person: Robert Morehead

Diocesan elected members to the TMI Episcopal Board of Trustees are responsible for communicating the needs of the school with the diocese and gathering resources in support of TMI Episcopal at the direction of its Board of Governors.

  • Elected clergy or laity: the Rev. Jay George and the Rev. Mike Woods
  • Elected clergy or lay-person to fill one-year unexpired term: Kendra Lopez

Trustees elected by the Diocese of West Texas to Sewanee: The University of the South Board of Trustees attend its annual meeting, promote church support and student enrollment, and report to the diocese on the condition and progress of the University.

  • Elected clergy: the Rev. Ram Lopez
  • No vacant lay terms

Record of Election from the 2019 Council of the Diocese of West Texas, final as of February 22, 2019.

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