“Community, Leadership Development, and Formation for Youth” – Bishop’s Happening Movement Report

Emily Kittrell, incoming Board Chair for the Bishop’s Happening Movement, joined by student leader Maddie Callier, report on the vitality for the student-led spiritual renewal weekend geared for tenth through twelfth grade high school students.

The diocese sponsors three Happening weekends each year – March, August, and November – in different host churches throughout the diocese.

Emily shares, “We live in a world of competing narratives about where value and worth exist. The pressures our youth are growing up under can give a false sense of reality, one that pulls them further and further from the truth of their belovedness as creations of God. As adults, it is incredibly difficult to figure out how to speak to, relate to, and especially to convey the message of God’s truth…The beauty of Happening is that youth share the message of hope, belonging, and love with each other. And I’m here to tell you, it works like magic.”

  • To learn more about Happening, or register a student, visit dwtx.org/happening.
  • To offer to host a Happening or H.I.S. Love weekend, or express interest in serving as a Spiritual Director, email emily.kittrell@dwtx.org.
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