Way of Love Conversation: Learn

During Council 2019, participants are invited into seven conversations about each of the seven practices for a Jesus-centered life laid out by the Most Rev. Michael Curry. Contributors to the Fall/Winter 2018 Reflections Magazine that explored the Way of Love will introduce each Bible study conversation, either in person or via video.

From the Council podium, Jennifer Wickham invites us to consider, “What ways of reflecting on Scripture are most life-giving for you?”

She goes on, “As with most things, a commitment to learning must be made with intention. While it can certainly happen on its own, there is nothing which replaces a daily discipline of study and prayer. We always tend to give more time to those things which are priorities for us, and without making a determined commitment we may find that our desires and practices don’t align.

There are many ways to stimulate a commitment to learning: engaging in Bible study, enrolling in a class or reflection group, reading scripture regularly. What’s important is that we make the commitment and then – sometimes the hardest part! – we follow up on that commitment.

By inviting God’s instruction into every aspect of our life we open the door for new possibilities. New wisdom. New creativity. New healing. After all, we may not know as much as we think we do. About anything. Thanks be to God for that!”

Remembering to Learn, Learning to Remember – Jennifer Wickham


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