“Shared Success and Gratitude” – Good Samaritan Community Services Report


The Rev. Michael Chalk, Board Chairman, and Mr. Simon Salas, CEO give the report on Good Samaritan Community Services, a ministry of the Diocese of West Texas, which serves as a catalyst for change, supporting youth, individuals, and families, by providing excellent community services to overcome economic poverty.

Mike Chalk shares, “During my time as chair I plan to work with even more of you to help advance the mission of this place. Our success depends on all of us coming together to help our neighbors at Good Samaritan.”

Simon Salas adds to the conversation, “This past year we served more than 5,600 children, adults, and seniors from prenatal to 99 years old…Our ability to provide our nationally-recognized programs to all who are in need could not be done without the incredible partnerships with all of you in this room. From your volunteer hours, to providing Christmas bags for families, financial support, and your prayers, we are very blessed and grateful.”

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