“Reveal Christ and Respond” – Evangelism Department Report

The Rev. Jay George presents the Evangelism Department report to Council, beginning with words from the Most Rev. Michael Curry, “Love God. Love your neighbor. Change the world,” and then explores how the department is supporting and can support congregations.

He introduces their three-tiered approach to evangelism:

  • Transform – Evangelism in your church.
    Is everyone in your congregation growing closer to God?
  • Engage – Evangelism from the church.
    How is your church reaching out to the community and inviting people into your church?
  • Share – Evangelism for the individual.
    Do you have a Faith story and do you know how to tell it? Are you prepared to give a reason for the hope that dwells within you? How could your story help somebody else?

Congregations who are interested in partnering with the Evangelism Committee to create an evangelism plan for your church are invited to visit the Evangelism booth and email Jay (revjay@gracechurchsa.org) to begin a conversation.


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