“Building a Bridge for Diocesan Schools” – Deputy for Episcopal Schools

Mary Katherine Duffy, incoming Deputy for Episcopal Schools, reports on her vision for the new consulting role for Episcopal Schools she will assume beginning in the fall.

Duffy shares, “As the Chairman of the Episcopal Schools Commission for the last ten years, I can tell you firsthand that our schools have not had the diocesan support that they have needed. Bishop Reed and I began to dream about how the diocese could be more supportive and offer more resources to these schools that are ministering to thousands of students, parents, and faculty members each year. The position of Bishop’s Deputy for Episcopal Schools was born.”

She later continues, “I will spend my time visiting our schools, supporting the clergy and school heads, and facilitating conversations around each school’s strengths and challenges. I will build relationships, provide resources and support, and ultimately work to help the leaders of our school develop the skills they need to be the best they can be.

We will focus on areas of governance, finance, human resource management, and personal development. I will be the liaison between the bishops, the diocesan staff, and the schools, as we work through the challenges that our schools are facing each day.”

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