Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley – Stories from Texas

2017-05-19 01.44.00

Introduced by the Rev. Rod Clark, W.F. Strong is a Texologist, a professor, and a radio personality with a podcast and regular programming on NPR.

He shared stories from his childhood, as well as a dictionary of Texas terminology that lay a foundation of hometown pride and a sense of shared identity as Texans. He told stories connected to familiar Texan phrases, like “Bob Wire” (barbed wire), “Chester Drawers” (chest of drawers), and “Orale!” (used for many things, including “I agree with you,” “Come on!”, “Yes,” “Hurry up”, and “That’s amazing”) the gathered assembly laughed uproariously, and nodded enthusiastically at familiar terms and shared experiences.

The spirit of joy and camaraderie filling the room resonates with the diocesan theme, from the book of Ephesians. It is good to gather together; it is good to tell stories; it is good to “walk together in love as Christ loved us.” (Ephesians 5:2).

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