“A Block at a Time” – The Rt. Rev. David Bailey, Bishop of Navajoland

The Rt. Rev. David Bailey, Bishop of Navajoland, returns to our diocese to address Council about our blossoming mission partnership. Bishop Bailey has served as Bishop of Navajoland since August 7, 2010.

Bishop Bailey shares, “I want to express our appreciation for walking with us in our journey to rebuild over the last year. I’m experiencing in Navajoland the sharing of the love that has been expressed by you all on our behalf. We do not have the capability by ourselves to rebuild the church in Navajoland. But through the wonderful gifts that you are providing and are continuing to provide,  a block at a time, we build the church in Navajoland. To be able to continue that and to walk in the journey of sharing God’s love with God’s people, I’m truly blessed.”

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