Hotels that have our back!

We have had some issues with overbooking at a few of our Council hotels listed on the Hotel page.  I do not anticipate any issues upon your arrival and check-in for your reserved rooms.  However, the McAllen Visitor’s Bureau has connected us with several “standby” hotels if any issues arise.

Radisson Hotel (Full Service) ($79)
2721 S. 10th Street
Contact: Omar Guevara

Doubletree Hotel (Full Service) ($129)
1800 S. 2nd Street
Contact: Laurie Pulido

Drury Inn ($99)
300 W. Expy 83
Contact: Greg Castillo

Hilton Garden Inn ($99)
617 W Expy 83
Contact: Melissa Torres

All hotels have shuttles that are available to take you to the McAllen Convention Center.

radissan hotel

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