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Greg Richards, who gets to “hang out with college kids and tell them about Jesus,” delivered the report of Vital University Missions, which strives to bring college students into the “abundant life in Jesus.”

“Transformation in the lives of our students happens year after year after year.”

Allie Melancon, who has served in College Missions for seven years, shared her personal journey with Christ that strengthened in college when she found a faith-based group with which to share devotions and time in fellowship.

Following her experience, and after leaving the profession of teaching, she has lived in intentional community for the past six years, striving each day to live in a way that honors God, as she has also dug deeply into campus ministry.

“My story is not unique. It is written over and over again. We meet college students where they are, and encourage them to become who Jesus is calling them to be,” she said. “They wrestle daily with many reflective questions.”

The alumni of the programs implemented by Vital University Missions continue to come back and participate and also engage in ministry work across our churches.

“We share Jesus by living our lives together,” said Richards. “We don’t do this alone. Allie and I are also joined by Sam Regonini at Texas State; Chelsea Mueller in the Rio Grande Valley – about 100,000 of our students are in the Valley – we’ve also been blessed with the ministry of Kevin Frei this year.”

After sharing concerning statistics about college students today – fewer personal relationships and growing suicide rates – Richards said, “The Church is called to come alongside them in this fragile time of life. These kids are wanting nothing more than to get out of their own spaces and hang out with their friends. They need relationships.”

With gratefulness for the support thus far, Richards encouraged Diocesan Council to contact them for more information and to donate to the work of College Missions via, an app for online donations.

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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