Church Planting Initiative

The Church Planting Initiative was created in 2016 by Bishop Reed, and the task force that formed looked at diocesan history, chances to increase vitality in this major initiative, and the road forward.

“We are now ready to choose a church planter,” said the Rev. Ripp Hardaway. “We want to get started as soon as we possibly can.”

The current recommendation for the first new church’s location is NorthWest San Antonio; the second being along the IH 35 N corridor; the third in South San Antonio. “We wanted the planter to also have a say in where he or she will work for us and plant a congregation,” said Hardaway.

“One of the greatest challenges in planting a church is how you pay for it,” said the Rev. David Read. “In the future, instead of spending money on land, we are going to let past sales of property fund the new land.

“A funding plan has already been established and put into place – an additional income line – that should support this initiative for five years,” he said.

There will be expansion in areas of support for the new church planter, including a paid coach, diocesan staff, prayer teams, and a team of fellow church planters .

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Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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