#ReadtheWord in 2018

The theme for Diocesan Council and all of 2018 is “The Word is very near to you,” from Deuteronomy 30:14. At Council, Bishop Reed will ask that every one read the Bible in its entirety this year. As we engage in reading and studying, we invite you to share your thoughts, reflections, and experiences in living with the living Word.

Beginning at Diocesan Council, the hashtag #ReadtheWord will be used across social media platforms to interact with one another and to learn about personal and congregational journeys through the Bible. You can engage with the Diocese of West Texas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Your congregation may choose a specific program that outlines reading and studying the Bible in one year, such as the ones proposed at Council: “The Story,” “The Path: a journey through the Bible,” or “The Bible Challenge.” You also may choose to make this a personal journey. However it works best, share your reflections and how the Word resonates in you and your daily life.

Together we will journey onward “this way” toward the Kingdom. Along the way, we will continue in our outreach efforts, being Jesus’ witnesses in our corners of the world. And we will return to His Word, reading and holding fast to His promises.

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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