Church Planting Task Force

Church Planting Task Force

John Thompson (Christ Church, San Antonio), the Rev. Ripp Hardaway (St. John’s, New Braunfels), Delia Cardenas (St. Stephen’s, San Antonio), and the Rev. David Read (St. Luke’s, San Antonio) updated Diocesan Council on the work over the past year of the Church Planting Task Force.

The task force was created after last year’s Diocesan Council, when Bishop Reed set forth initiatives to lead the diocese in the way of the Kingdom of God. One of these initiatives is to consider and plan to plant two new churches, one along the Interstate 35 North corridor and one in the southern area of San Antonio.

Other locations are under consideration. You can hear the full report here:

To read Resolution 6-2017 Church Planting, which, in part, encourages church plants in 2018, click here. As the resolution passed, Bishop David Reed, said “Thank you very much; you all just set yourselves up for a wonderful adventure.”

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