Bring coffee mugs for the Motley Mug Program at Camp Capers

As you pack for Diocesan Council in Corpus Christi, please remember to pack a few church or event (logo) coffee mugs to donate to Camp Capers.

stthomas-coffeeCamp Capers has a Motley Mug Program, and donated coffee mugs will be used in  the NEW dining hall allowing:

  • Camp Capers to be more green
  • Your congregation to be a part of Camp Capers
  • stpeters-coffeeAnd your youth and adults to see and use your mugs while at camp
  • Plus, it’s just all-around cool and fun to have different mugs from all over the diocese at camp.

You can bring your donated coffee mugs by the Camps and Conferences booth in the exhibits area in the AmericanBank Center.

See your Motley Mug at Council soon!

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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