Get free WiFi at the Omni

If you have made your reservation to stay at the Omni Bayfront in Corpus Christi during Diocesan Council this week, you need to become a “Select Guest” to receive complimentary WiFi service during your stay.

omni_select-guestTo become a Select Guest, simply visit the hotel’s website, If using your personal computer, the sign-up link is located in the middle of the home screen. You will see “Join Select Guest today and get Complimentary WiFi.” Enter your email address and follow the prompts to register. Be sure to choose a password you will remember come Thursday!

If using your mobile device, choose “Select Guest” from the drop-down menu located in the top left corner of the screen.

You can add your upcoming registration if you have your room confirmation number handy. If not, just plan to log in to the WiFi service with your email address and password upon your arrival.

See you on Thursday.

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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