World Mission Report – Marthe Curry

Marthe Curry, director of development for the Department of World Mission, delivered her annual report, saying all the news she hears in the media is bad news.

To combat this in our diocese, World Mission calls in missionaries and sends boots on the ground to work with their international brothers and sisters. “Doesn’t the media know about this good work in this diocese?” asked Curry.

In 2015, 43 mission teams in flew 126,172 miles to be part of a solution, and additionally they traveled over rough terrain, in all weather and in all conditions to be part of the solution. They spent 2,128 days out in the mission field or 5 ½ linear years in one year. “That is good news!” said Curry.

Here is Marthe’s complete report:

After a video was shown detailing the Texas Water Mission, which has drilled 85 water wells in Honduras, Doug Holmes came forward to give a brief report on the ministry. Please see the video of this amazing ministry.

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