“How to” make an Icon

APPsmThe APP is broken!

Looks can be deceiving.  The APP looks new, but inside lurks old 2015 information.  Do not use.

Instead visit the council website at www.council-dwtx.org for the daily information needed while at Council this year.  It’s all in the right-hand navigation bar beginning with the REPORTS FROM COUNCIL 2016 section, followed by IMAGES OF COUNCIL.

“How to” get the website on your home screenIcon-for-Website-2016-200x200
  1. On device open www.council-dwtx.org in Safari.
  2. Click the “SEND” icon at the center-bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “ADD TO HOME SCREEN” from the choices.
  4. Icon will appear on your device as a direct link to the website.
The “How to” in pictures




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