Episcopal Schools Commission

Mary Katherine Duffy, head of school at St. Alban’s, Harlingen, and head of the diocesan schools commission, along with the Rev. Lisa Mason, rector of St. David’s, San Antonio, reported on the 27 Episcopal schools in the diocese. The schools serve 4,100 children, with 750 employees.

For churches that also have a school, the school is usually the church’s single largest outreach effort, said Duffy and Mason. “It is notable that almost one-third of our churches have schools, a significant number,” said Bishop Gary Lillibridge.

What makes these schools unique, said Duffy and Mason, is that they represent students, teachers, parents, parishioners, and people from their communities. Every one of the schools, they said, is compassionate and passionate about the formation of the whole child. “Every one of their mission statements address this,” they said.

The strength of Episcopal schools, said Duffy and Mason, is their spiritual components. “Every school has a chapel program, every school teaches children about God, and tell each and every child every day that they are loved unconditionally by God.

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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