Department of World Mission Report

Dr. Marthe Curry delivered the report on the Department of World Mission. She said the goal of World Mission has always been sustainability with those relationships we have formed around the world.

“We don’t go in with Western technology and go tell our partners how to fix it – we develop relationships to help them to prioritize their needs and discover resources they already have,” said Curry.

This has been working around the world:

Honduras and SE Mexico – veterinary teams teaching how to treat own animals and pets

Uganda, Honduras, Haiti – women are creating tapestries – when sold, they have funds for the families

Uganda – trees being planted and harvested for lumber

Honduras – taught the people how to drill high-grade water wells and taught children hygiene

Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, and Honduras – scholarships for learning trades and receiving educations

Honduras – mission team moving throughout their country

Northern Mexico – women use skills from sewing classes to provide for their families

SE Mexico – filtering water, baking, and raising small animals

Marthe then showed a video – “a good-natured spoof” – on African children “fixing” up Norway. See the video here.

“This is what it’s like when we think we can fix others’ problems. So this is why we go to discover how to help and educate,” said Curry.

Curry then asked the Council floor to stand if they have been on a mission trip, have supported a person on a mission trip, or have prayed for a missioner. “Right Reverend Sirs, we are a missions diocese.”

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