Bishop Lillibridge Delivers Opening Remarks on Annual Theme

Bishop Lillibridge delivered his opening remarks on the 2015 diocesan theme, Called to Serve, which comes from an excerpt of the Gospel of Mark (10:42-45): Jesus called them together and said, “For even I, the Messiah, came not to be served, but to serve, and give my life as a ransom for many.”

As this is the main reference for the annual theme, Lillibridge also focused on a passage from the Gospel of John 12:20-26.

In his remarks, Lillibridge said he greatly appreciates the Greeks’ words, “We wish to see Jesus.” “Isn’t that the point of Christianity,” Lillibridge asked. “So that people see Jesus in our acts?”

However, some days people would rather just believe than to be Jesus, Lillibridge said. “If we wish to be where Jesus is, or anywhere in the neighborhood, we must travel in the same direction and on the same road,” said Lillibridge.

This passage in John tells us the cross is the symbol not only of our salvation, but of our own Christian life. “I remind myself this is a symbol to how I’ve pledged my life – in baptism, confirmation, ordination, and anytime I relive any of these vows,” said Lillibridge. “It is a reminder to pick up mine and follow his.”

To love others.

To be Christ to the best of my ability.

To serve.

“I am certainly a work in progress, and I am grateful to receive mercy,” said Lillibridge.

Lillibridge then closed by reminding all that we are partners in service to Jesus. Let’s accept his invitation to come aside him and serve others.

“I’ll leave this thought and image with you, which is a combined quote from Theodore and Irenaeus, which goes like this,” said Lillibridge:

When Christ was planted in Calvary, the church sprouted into a multitude of grains, baked into the bread of life of the Eucharist, which is multiplied in us who receive it.

Published by Laura Shaver

Communications, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

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