Only Facilitator Registration Open

On-line registration to attend Council 2014 is now closed and unavailable. Visitors are welcome to register on site. Any changes to attendance or movement between delegates and alternates much be handled on site in the Lay Registration area located in Veramendi A. This registration opens at 10:00 am Thursday, Feb 20, and we suggest you allow sufficient time for any required changes.

 The Childcare/Nursery has also be closed. We will NOT be able to accept walk-ins. Registration is at an all time high with 35 children, a 100% increase over prior years!

TrainingOnly FACILITATOR Registration for the Saturday Facilitated Conversation remains open. This registration has risen to 77 individuals, but we still need about 30-40 more volunteers to cover all our groups. Please consider this important ministry and click here if you would like to sign-up.

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